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Pecan Cultivar Performance at the Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1921-1994 RB 426

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Removed as of Jul 3, 2012.

This publication is under review and is not currently available. Contact Amanda Swennes for more information about this publication.


The selection of pecan cultivars to plant is probably the most important decision a pecan grower will make. Pecan trees usually live longer than the person who planted them. The mistakes or successes the grower makes in selecting cultivars remain as long as the trees are kept, which can be several generations. Some cultivars perform well when trees are young, then begin alternating cycles of high yields but poorly filled nuts in the “on” year and low or no yield the following year. Some cultivars performed poorly under production practices of earlier years but perform well under modern production practices of insect and disease control, close-mowed sod, herbicide strip, and irrigation.

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