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Harry L. Brown

Harry Brown

Vice Chancellor of Agricultural Teaching, Extension and Research, 1947-1949; Dean, 1949-1950
(Born September 23, 1888 – Died December 26, 1984)

The first native Georgian to serve as dean was Harry L. Brown of Forsyth County. Brown held many significant administrative positions, both in academia and in government. From 1934-1937, he was director of the Georgia Cooperative Extension Service. In 1937, he was appointed Assistant Secretary of Agriculture of the United States by Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace. He went on to serve in the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Farm Credit Administration until he was named Vice Chancellor for Agriculture for the University System of Georgia in 1947. His title was changed to Dean of the University of Georgia College of Agriculture in 1949. Under another restructuring of the College, Brown became the first dean to lead instruction, research and extension. He opened the College Station branch of the Experiment Station in Athens. Brown became a Georgia State Senator and served in many leadership roles in Georgia agriculture, including President of the UGA Agricultural Alumni Association and President of the Georgia Livestock Association.