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Josef M. Broder

Josef Broder

Interim Dean and Director, 2005; 2015-16
(Born September 7, 1949)

Josef Broder, a native of Switzerland, long-time Georgia resident and college alumnus championed the College’s academic programs. He was named D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor and Distinguished University Professor. As one of the University’s most recognized and respected teachers, Dr. Broder was appointed to build and enrich the college’s teaching programs. He was instrumental in achieving record student  enrollments, minority student enrollments and student participation in study abroad programs. He developed and led the Congressional Ag Fellowship Program and launched degree programs on the Tifton and Griffin Campuses. With an engaging management style, Dr. Broder sought to better integrate teaching, research and Extension programs into the larger University mission. Dr. Broder served two separate terms as Interim Dean and Director, leading the College through two critical transition periods. Following his appointments as Dean and Director, he continued to lead the College’s teaching programs as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.