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Hot Topics

The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is addressing Georgia's critical needs through our teaching, research and extension programs. As we talk to citizens across the state, we identify what their most pressing concerns are. Here is a snapshot of today's hot topics and what we are doing to make life better for Georgians.


Threats to agricultural security can come in many forms: natural, accidental and intentional. CAES has taken on a major role in training the state on agrosecurity issues.

Avian Flu Resources

A list of resources on avian influenza from UGA Extension and additional state, federal and poultry industry online resources.


One of the wonders of science is the amazing world of biotechnology. When scientists ask questions, new technology offers them answers they never dreamed of in the past. CAES is taking this field in many exciting directions.

Health and Nutrition

Poor nutrition, inactivity and obesity are everyday problems for many of Georgians. Parents, day care workers, food service providers, teachers and others need to know how to guide children into maintaining a healthy lifestyle at an early age.

Food Safety

What's more personal than the food you eat? The issue of food safety is as close as your next meal, and CAES stands guard to protect Georgia citizens with food safety research, education and information.

Invasive Species

From herbicide resistant pigweed to Asiatic soybean rust, boll weevils to kudzu, invasive species are a prevalent and persistent problem in Georgia. Fighting these unwanted interlopers costs farmers, local governments and the state millions each year.

Water Conservation and Drought

Water and the many issues and concerns that surround it continue to swirl in political, agricultural and economic circles. When drought conditions hit, the value of water becomes even more urgently evident.