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Robert C. Kemerait, Jr.

Robert Kemerait
Date Honored: 10/02/2012

2012 D.W. Brooks Award for Excellence in Extension

Department: Plant Pathology

Robert C. Kemerait received a bachelor's degree in biology from Davidson College and a doctoral degree in plant pathology from the University of Florida. He joined the University of Georgia Department of Plant Pathology in 2000 as an Extension researcher and specialist.

His work focuses on managing disease and nematode problems in peanuts, cotton, corn and soybeans. These crops are planted on more than 2.5 million acres in more than 80 counties across the state.

Kemerait, who became a professor in 2012, was the first recipient of the Senior Specialist Award from the Georgia Association of County Agricultural Agents. Highlights of his career have included the development of "Peanut Rx," a risk index for peanut diseases and the development of standardized recommendations for controlling nematodes affecting cotton.

He has worked in Guyana since 2002 and in Haiti since 2007 as the co-leader of the Peanut Collaborative Research and Extension Program sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development. Kemerait is currently the major adviser for four plant pathology graduate students and manages an Extension program that employs six technicians and numerous student workers.

Kemerait is married to Pamela Lopez Kemerait, and they have two children, Perrine and Jimmy.


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