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Jack E. Houston, Jr.

Jack Houston
Date Honored: 10/18/2004

2004 D.W. Brooks Award for Excellence in Global Programs

Department: Agricultural and Applied Economics

Dr. Jack E. Houston, Jr. is a Professor of Agricultural Marketing in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics. He received his Ph.D in Agricultural Economics from Washington State University in 1984. Soon after receiving his degree, he joined the faculty at UGA as an Assistant Professor.

In 1967-69, Dr. Houston served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi at the Colby College of Agriculture. For the next 9 years he was contracted by the Malawi Ministry of Agriculture to train over 2000 agricultural extension service personnel. He was responsible for planning and the curriculum development of a new National College of Natural Resources. Dr. Houston initiated curriculum changes for agriculture, forestry, home economics, fisheries, veterinary science, hydrology, and wildlife management. He then was able to find international donors for the College, such as the Canadian International Development Agency. The Canadian government contends that the Malawi Natural Resources College is a model of institution building and training. This international experience shaped the future of Dr. Houston's professional career.

Since arriving at the UGA, Dr. Houston has made significant contributions towards the internationalization of the College. He served as the Interim Director of the African Studies Program and developed the proposal to advance the Program into a University wide Institute of African Studies in 2001. Dr. Houston has co-authored two successful US Department of Education grants for internationalizing curriculum across the Campus. He is the program director for the first study abroad course in his Department. The International Agribusiness Marketing and Management study abroad course takes students to Universidad of Veracruzana, Mexico.

One colleague remarked, "Having lived and worked in foreign environment, he has a grasp of the challenges his students will face upon returning to home countries and, therefore, is capable of giving them effective, useful counsel. Such alums are an asset both to the University of Georgia and the United States at large." Dr. Houston is an excellent choice for the D.W. Brooks Award of Excellence in International Agriculture.