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Brian Fairchild

Brian Fairchild
Date Honored: 11/07/2016

2016 Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Advisor - Faculty

Department: Poultry Science

As a poultry science specialist with University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, Brian Fairchild helps poultry farmers in Georgia and around the world to ensure the health and productivity of their chickens. His experience working with the poultry industry helps students in UGA’s Department of Poultry Science make their time at the university more productive. 

Fairchild has served as the undergraduate faculty advisor for poultry science students for the past 13 years. The poultry science major is one of the fastest growing majors in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Each semester, Fairchild guides about four dozen students through the process of planning their course of study. His experience in the poultry industry provides them with invaluable insight into how to make the most of their degrees. 

Fairchild’s connections in the poultry industry provide his students with the networking opportunities they need to secure internships and jobs after graduation. 

“He helped me prepare for and get in touch with multiple companies looking for interns for this summer until I found a perfect fit,” poultry science student Elizabeth Davis wrote in her nomination letter for Fairchild. 

Time after time, students cite Fairchild’s personal attention in helping to define their career paths. 

He’s been instrumental in attracting new students to poultry science by helping to host Avian Adventures, a high school enrichment program; the CAES Young Scholars Program, a high school research program; and through outreach with the Poultry Science Club. 

Fairchild received his doctorate in physiology from North Carolina State University. In addition to his work as an undergraduate adviser, he has mentored 19 graduate students and has a robust research and extension program.