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Robert Beckstead

Robert Beckstead
Date Honored: 11/10/2015

2015 Outstanding Academic Advisor

Department: Poultry Science

Robert Beckstead, an associate professor of poultry science at UGA, is a nationally renowned researcher. He’s also earned a reputation as a caring and engaged academic instructor, known for taking time to help students find their own path to a fulfilling career in science.

He joined the faculty of the Department of Poultry Science at UGA in 2007 and was promoted to associate professor in 2013. He currently teaches “Molecular Diagnostic and Research Tools in Avian Biology” and two First-Year Odyssey classes, “Chickenology: Everything You Need to Know About Chickens” and the “Effects of Global Agriculture on World Culture.”

Being an academic advisor in poultry science is a much more dynamic assignment than it was 25 years ago. With more pre-professional students than ever before, Beckstead has to balance the needs of students heading to veterinary and medical schools with those headed for careers in the poultry industry.

His ability to connect with each student on an individual level and shepherd them through their undergraduate experience has earned Beckstead the gratitude of former students and accolades from the university community.

In addition to advising students, Beckstead ensures current and prospective poultry science students have hands-on research experience. He is quick to invite undergraduate students, and even high school students, to work alongside him and his graduate students as they perform cutting-edge genetic research.

Beckstead, a native of Idaho, received his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University, his doctorate from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and performed postdoctoral work at the University of Utah.