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Chris McKenzie

Chris McKenzie
Date Honored: 10/01/2013

2013 Skilled Trades Support Award of Excellence

Department: Poultry Science

Chris McKenzie has served as the feed mill supervisor at the UGA Poultry Research Center since 2007. McKenzie blends custom formulations of corn, soy and nutrients, allowing poultry researchers to test the effect of different rations on growth and other variables.

McKenzie's role is critical to faculty researching livestock nutrition. The mill, which produces specialty feed for poultry and swine research projects, turns out 8 to 10 tons of feed a week.

Over the years, he's really enjoyed learning about animal husbandry and the poultry industry. He especially likes getting to be outdoors and working with faculty and students.

Before taking over the hoppers and grain elevators at the research center, McKenzie spent 11 years doing maintenance on the farm and did a brief stint as farm manager.

McKenzie is originally from Fort Wayne, Ind., but has made Georgia his adopted home state. He lives in Jackson County with his wife Krissy McKenzie and their four children.