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Jay Bauer

Jay Bauer
Date Honored: 11/04/2014

2014 Technical Support Award of Excellence

Department: Office of Communications and Creative Services

Jay Bauer has built an unusual skill set based on a wide variety of work experiences. Bauer has been an auto mechanic, electrician, sign painter, copywriter, jewelry designer, voice-over announcer, heavy equipment welder, high school teacher and club bouncer. After earning a bachelor's degree from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1989, he relocated to Seattle, where he became lead manual illustrator for Walter Dorwin Teague and Associates, working exclusively for the Boeing Company.

Bauer offers Office of Communications and Creative Services clients unconventional communication alternatives beyond printed page or computer monitor, including fanciful kitchens as cockroach environments, portable mini-golf courses and three-dimensional, magnetic bee puzzles. His best-known contribution to the college identity effort is Caesar, the bulldog character that is a registered trademark of the college. Bauer has produced every iteration of the venerable, one-toothed dog, from the stubby cartoon character used in CAES print materials 13 years ago to the most recent incarnation—a larger-than-life mascot who appears at college events.

Most recently, Bauer designed and constructed an exhibit celebrating the centennial anniversary of Extension. Erected on-site in the rotunda of UGA's Special Collections Library, it featured a 43-foot-long display case containing objects of historical interest.

In his off hours, Bauer enjoys painting, sculpting and building furniture on commission in his Hoschton workshop. His personal work can be viewed at He shares domestic space with the lovely and talented Katherine Holt, two large, shaggy dogs and a fat, black cat.