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Jennifer Berry

Jennifer Berry
Date Honored: 11/10/2015

2015 Technical Support Award of Excellence

Department: Entomology

Jennifer Berry, a research professional and lab manager for the UGA Honey Bee Program, has helped coordinate the university’s world-renowned honey bee research for the last 15 years. She manages a rotating and robust staff of graduate students and research professionals in a hands-on fashion. Working alongside Keith Delaplane, professor of entomology, she aims to develop bee populations that are more resilient to the stresses contributing to current bee population decline.

In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the UGA Honey Bee Lab, she has become an authoritative source on beekeeping in the Southeast, across the country and internationally. From hosting beginner’s workshops, to helping coordinate the Georgia Master Beekeeper Program, to speaking at international beekeeping conferences, she is known as a knowledgeable and engaging educator and serves as an exceptional resource for the apiculture community.

She is also involved in educating women in developing countries on beekeeping in order for them to become self-supporting. And, for the first time in Georgia history, she was instrumental in creating a program to teach and certify inmates in apiculture within the Georgia prison system. This program was designed to help secure potential jobs, upon an inmate’s release, in order to help reduce recidivism.

When she’s not teaching or at the lab, she can be found working with the hundreds of bee colonies she has established between the Okefenokee Swamp and the north Georgia mountains as part of a collaborative project with Emory University.

While her current collaboration with Emory is one the largest projects she has worked on, her prior research on varroa mites, integrated pest control methods to control these mites and the sublethal effects of miticides are some of the most cited published works on the subject.