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CAES Alumni Board & Committees

The CAES Alumni Association is governed by an executive committee and a board of directorsThe CAES Alumni Association is governed by an executive committee and a board of directors.

Board of Directors

2017-2018 Executive Board

  • President: Joel McKie
  • President Elect: Van McCall
  • Immediate Past President: Elliott Marsh
  • Treasurer: Dixie Truelove
  • Secretary: Lynn Barber

2017-2018 Board of Directors

  • Joel Burnsed
  • Sarah Cook
  • Jonathan Fischer
  • Peggy Gates
  • Traves Hyman
  • Susannah Lanier
  • Caroline Lewallen
  • Brent Marable
  • Collier McKenzie
  • Tim Miller
  • Jason Morris
  • Daniel Parrish
  • Greg Puckett
  • Jenna Saxon
  • Floyd Shockley
  • Anna Strickland
  • Becca Turner
  • Tony Tyson


Alumni Connections

The alumni connections committee is responsible for planning and coordinating alumni association-sponsored events, communications and potential engagement opportunities, and designing avenues for connecting and maintaining relationships with College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences alumni and friends.

Awards and Recognitions

The awards and recognitions committee is responsible for planning, reviewing, improving and coordinating all awards programs for the CAES Alumni Association, including the Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame. This committee is also responsible for suggesting other possible awards or ways to recognize alumni.

Development and Finance

The development and finance committee is responsible for the annual CAES Alumni Association budget and fundraising. This committee makes recommendations to the board of directors on possible fundraising opportunities and works with the coordinator of development and alumni relations to locate and cultivate possible donors to the college. This committee also oversees the Eterna Grants program and activities associated with the Eterna Fund.

Public Affairs

The public affairs committee is responsible for developing and/or maintaining external partnerships with government and agricultural agencies and organizations.

Student Recruitment and Affairs

The student recruitment and affairs committee is responsible for developing and suggesting ways that the CAES Alumni Association can assist in recruiting students to the college and ways that the association can enhance students' educational experience while attending the college. This includes coordinating the scholarship program and graduation receptions as well as suggesting and planning other activities for students.