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Herman E. Talmadge

Herman E. Talmadge
  • Birth: 08/09/1913, Lovejoy, Georgia
  • Death: 03/21/2002
Date Honored: 10/27/1989

Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame

Senator Talmadge served as a knowledgeable advisor to six presidents. He helped create the Georgia Forestry Commission and established timber as a major crop in the state. He helped establish the Farmers' Market system and helped in the building of the Rock Eagle 4-H Center by providing funds to match money raised by 4-H members and contributors. A strong supporter of the College of Agriculture, he was responsible for overall increased federal funding for Georgia agriculture. He initiated the Rural Development Act and was a prime supporter of the Hill-Burton Act, which provided funds for rural hospitals. As chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, he was the country's leading spokesman for agribusiness and rural issues. He served as vice-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, a ranking member of the Veterans Committee and on the Senate Select Committee on Watergate.

Occupation: Farmer; governor of Georgia; United States senator.