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L.W. "Hoop" Eberhardt Jr.

  • Birth: 08/18/1913, Maysville, Georgia
Date Honored: 10/09/1987

Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame

During Mr. Eberhardt's administration with the Cooperative Extension Service, gross farm income increased, the first statewide Extension planning program was initiated, and employee salaries were upgraded. He was dedicated to the progress of the Rock Eagle 4-H Center and led the way for the building and staffing of the Soil Test Laboratory. He received the Georgia Seedsmen's Association Distinguished Service Award and the Ag Alumni Award for Outstanding Contribution to Georgia Agriculture. He was named Man of the Year by Progressive Farmer magazine and by the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia. He was a charter member of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Agricultural Alumni Association, serving as its president in 1977.

Occupation: Assistant county agent; county agent; forestry specialist; assistant state 4-H leader; district agent; assistant director; associate director; and director of the Cooperative Extension Service.