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J.W. Fanning

J.W. Fanning
Date Honored: 10/20/1978

Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame

Dr. Fanning was state director of Farm Emergency Programs during World War II. During later conflicts, he was on special assignment helping the University of Georgia plan assistance programs for Cambodia and Viet Nam. He served on the Governor's Commission on Scientific Research and Development, Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Development Authority and the Governor's Citizens Advisory Council on Environmental Affairs. He was president of the Georgia Planning Association and on the advisory committee for the Governor's Conference on Goals for Education. He was named Progressive Farmer magazine's Man of the Year and the Future Farmers of America's Honorary Georgia Planter.

Birth: 1905, Wilkes County, Georgia

Death: July 27, 1997

Occupation: Assistant county agent; county agent; marketing specialist; extension economist; professor of agricultural economics; head of the Department and chairman of the Agricultural Economics Division, College of Agriculture; associate director of the Institute of Community and Area Development and vice president for services at the University of Georgia.