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W. Tapley Bennett

W. Tapley Bennett
  • Birth: 05/10/1891, Jackson County, Georgia
  • Death: 04/06/1982
Date Honored: 10/21/1977

Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame

Mr. Bennett was responsible for the "Orchard Hill Chicken Pool." He established the first assembly-line poultry processing plant in Georgia and served as county agent to Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was a beef cattle specialist with the University of Georgia and secretary of the Georgia Livestock Association. He coached the first Georgia 4-H beef team and the first 4-H dairy judging team. He purchased thousands of bulls for FFA members through the Sears Roebuck Foundation. His enthusiasm resulted in the first fat cattle shows in Savannah, Macon and Albany. He served as livestock superintendent at the Southeastern Fair.

Occupation: Jackson County Agent; General Farm Agent for the Central of Georgia; Head of the Georgia Pine Mountain Valley Community, Inc.; and Director of Agricultural Development.