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Walter S. Brown

Walter S. Brown
  • Birth: 02/01/1889, Towns County, Georgia
  • Death: 12/05/1965
Date Honored: 10/28/1983

Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame

Mr. Brown influenced the commissioners of 40 counties in southeast Georgia to join with the Extension Service in employing county agents. He became Director of Extension in 1937. In the World War II era, he led the Extension Service into and through new program emphases of increasing rather than decreasing production. From the end of the war until his retirement in 1954, he directed Extension's educational program to gear up for peace and use the flow of new technology to farms. He was named Progressive Farmer's Man of the Year; served as the first chairman of the National 4-H Foundation, chairman of the Georgia 4-H Foundation and chairman of the State Extension Directors; and chairman of the state Conservation Committee.

Occupation: Served agriculture for 48 years, 37 of which were in the Extension Service. He served as county agent, district agent and director.