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Staff Listing

Field Research Services Staff
Andy CarterResearch Station Superintendent
Dewayne DalesFarm Manager at Ponder Farm-Senior Agricultural Specialist
Eric EvansFarm Manager at Bowen Farm - Senior Agricultural Specialist
Dicky W. HiltonFarm Supervisor III
Steven Ted HudsonResearch Technician III
Michael Andrew KeelerFarm Manager at Irwinville Bull Test Center - Senior Agricultural Specialist
Stevan S. LaHueSenior Agricultural Specialist
Gary MurphyAgricultural Research Assistant II
John PaulkFarm Manager at TVP/Hort Hill - Senior Agricultural Specialist
Michael D. PippinResearch Technician III
Neal J. RobersonFarm Supervisor III
Shane TawzerFarm Manager at Alapaha Blueberry Farm - Senior Agricultural Specialist
Tiffany WigginsBusiness Manager I
Sephus WillisFarm Manager at Gibbs Farm - Agricultural Research Assistant III