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Cowboy Stephens

Cowboy Stephens

Field and Forage Crops

Career Highlights:

Cowboy Stephens found and identified Tift Bermudagrass — one of the parents of Coastal Bermudagrass. Working in conjunction with Dr. Glenn Burton and Dr. Byron Southwell, Stephens was able to improve the forage so that 2.5 to 3 cows per acre could graze for six to seven months. Previously one cow could graze on up to 20 acres for three months.

Stephens traveled the world collecting plants to breed and develop improved plant stocks. This was a true team approach. In his travels, Stephens collected the plants to improve the plant stocks. Dr. Glenn Burton would then work on crossing the plants to develop better forage plants. Finally, Byron Southwell monitored the forages when they were fed to the cattle.

Stephens established the first permanent pasture plots at the Coastal Plain Experiment Station.


  • University of Georgia Aghon (Honorary)
  • University of Georgia Alpha Zeta (Honorary)
  • Honorary Rotarian – Tifton Rotary Club