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Glenn Burton

Glenn Burton

Research Geneticist/Plant Breeder

Career Highlights:

Dr. Burton saved millions from starvation with his pearl millet research that contributed to the green revolution in arid parts of India and Africa. He traveled to 55 countries to advise and consult with fellow plant scientists.

“Helping feed the hungry of the world is my greatest accomplishment. It is important to me because I saw those hungry people and I was able to help them.” - Dr. Glenn Burton

Dr. Burton was one of the most highly recognized plant scientists in the U.S. and the world. One of Dr. Burton's greatest legacies was transforming bermudagrass – one of the South's worst weeds – into the best forage grass. Burton's six turfgrass hybrids are grown on golf courses, athletic fields, and lawns throughout the southern U.S., and in many foreign countries.


Dr. Burton received 80 awards for his contributions in grass breeding.

  • 1987: Inducted - Agricultural Research Service Science Hall of Fame
  • 1983: National Medal of Science presented by President Reagan
  • 1952: Elected to the Tift County School Board; served 4 years
  • 1951: The Burton family named U.S. Methodist Family of the Year