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James Shepherd

James Shepherd

Dept. Head, Agricultural Engineering

Career Highlights:

James Shepherd developed and tested the first peanut combine harvester in 1949. Commercial production began in 1950. Current combines use the same concepts as developed by Mr. Shepherd.

He was the first department head of the Agricultural Engineering Department at the
Coastal Plain Experiment Station (now UGA Tifton).

Mr. Shepherd developed bulk-curing facilities and procedural guidelines for tobacco that featured automatic programming of ventilation, heat application and conditioning for market. He also developed a revolutionary tobacco harvesting aid machine Manufacturer's identification: The Shepherd Bulk Handling System.


  • 1956: President, Tifton Lions Club
  • 1969: Outstanding Service Award, Georgia Commodity Commission for Peanuts
  • 1972: Superior Service Award, The Georgia Crop Improvement Association