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The Georgia Forages website is your window to information on a wide variety of forage management issues. This information is extended to you by scientists from the University of Georgia, who continue to research all aspects of forage and livestock management. The recommendations found in this website are based on peer-reviewed research conducted in Georgia and throughout the world. We hope you will find this website provides accurate and up-to-date information about all forage management issues facing producers in Georgia and the Southeast. Please check this website regularly for updates, dates for upcoming events, and “Hot Topics.” For a quick glance at Georgia's Forage industries, check out the booklet entitled Georgia Forages: Quick facts about forages and grasslands in Georgia.

Hot Topics (more)

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NEW! - Alfalfa in the South Workshop
Exciting NEWS!!! - Southeastern Hay Contest
Winter Grain Mites
Fertilizing and Grazing Winter Annual Stands
Late Winter Plantings of Winter Annual Forages
2014-15 Southeastern Hay Directory
Georgia Forage News
Handouts from the Georgia Grazing School
Proceedings for the 10th Mid-Atlantic Dairy Grazing Conference
Forage Variety Recommendations
Variety Trials - Winter Annual Forages
Estimating Bale Weight
Why Interseed Alfalfa into Bermudagrass?
Alfalfa in South Georgia? Yes!
Photos of Alfalfa in Georgia
Bermudagrass Stem Maggot & Forage Insect Webinar-Archive
Bermudagrass Stem Maggot Information
Summer Annuals as an Alternative Forage Crop
Picking a Summer Annual Forage Crop
Understanding and Improving Forage Quality
Plants that are Poisonous to Livestock Video Series
Selecting a Forage Bermudagrass Variety
Who's available to sprig bermudagrass in Georgia?
Establishing Solid Bermudagrass Stands
What has caused my bermudagrass to thin and be less productive?
Variety Trials - Perennial Forages
Common Terms Used in Animal Feeding and Nutrition
Measuring the Moisture Content of Forage Using a Microwave Oven
More HOT Topics Here

New Publications and Related Websites

NEW - Understanding and Improving Forage Quality
NEW - Georgia Forages: Quick facts about forages and grasslands in Georgia
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Cutting Cost not Corners: Managing Cattle in Tough Economic Times
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Novel Endophyte-Infected Tall Fescue
Soil and Fertilizer Management Considerations for Forage Systems in Georgia
Georgia Forages: Grass Species
Georgia Forages: Legume Species
Alfalfa Management in Georgia
Growing Alfalfa in the South
Forage Lectures on Video
The Management and Use of Bahiagrass
The Management and Use of Switchgrass in Georgia
Stocker Cattle: Performance and Calculated Pasture Costs


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Our Georgia Forages Web Site has been recognized twice by the American Society of Agronomy with a Certificate of Excellence in Extension Education.

ASA Award
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