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Extension Publications
Tropic Croton Identification and Control in Cotton and Peanut (C 865) Published 11/13/2017

This publication discusses tropic croton identification and control in cotton and peanut.

Eclipta Identification and Control in Peanut (C 869) Published 11/13/2017

Eclipta is considered to be one of the world's worst weeds. This publication discusses the identification and control of eclipta in peanut.

Peanut Response to Dicamba (C 1015) Published 11/13/2017

The objective of this publication is to provide county agents, peanut growers, crop consultants, agri-business personnel, etc. with information that can assist them in making appropriate management decisions after a suspected dicamba drift/volatilization or sprayer contamination problem has occurred.

Peanut Response to Liberty (C 1025) Published 11/13/2017

Liberty® (glufosinate-ammonium) has become a popular postemergence herbicide in Georgia due to its ability to control herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth when applied in a timely manner. However, the popularity of Liberty®-resistant cultivars (e.g., Liberty-Link® and WideStrike®) has led to an increased potential for off-target movement and sprayer contamination of Liberty® to sensitive crops such as peanut. This publication describes symptoms of peanuts exposed to Liberty.

Peanut Yield Response to 2,4-D in Georgia (C 1036) Published 11/13/2017

This publication provides growers, county agents, crop consultants, etc. with information regarding peanut yield response to 2,4-D injury.

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