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Extension Publications
Tropic Croton Identification and Control in Cotton and Peanut (C 865) Published 2/23/2018

This publication discusses tropic croton identification and control in cotton and peanut.

Eclipta Identification and Control in Peanut (C 869) Published 2/23/2018

Eclipta is considered to be one of the world's worst weeds. This publication discusses the identification and control of eclipta in peanut.

Peanut Response to Dicamba (C 1015) Published 2/23/2018

The objective of this publication is to provide county agents, peanut growers, crop consultants, agri-business personnel, etc. with information that can assist them in making appropriate management decisions after a suspected dicamba drift/volatilization or sprayer contamination problem has occurred.

Peanut Response to Liberty (C 1025) Published 2/23/2018

Liberty® (glufosinate-ammonium) has become a popular postemergence herbicide in Georgia due to its ability to control herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth when applied in a timely manner. However, the popularity of Liberty®-resistant cultivars (e.g., Liberty-Link® and WideStrike®) has led to an increased potential for off-target movement and sprayer contamination of Liberty® to sensitive crops such as peanut. This publication describes symptoms of peanuts exposed to Liberty.

Peanut Yield Response to 2,4-D in Georgia (C 1036) Published 2/23/2018

This publication provides growers, county agents, crop consultants, etc. with information regarding peanut yield response to 2,4-D injury.

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