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Extension Publications
Crop Profile for Cowpeas in Georgia (B 1480) Published 10/13/2017

Georgia ranks in the nation's top 10 in cowpea (southern pea, Vigna unguiculata) production, with estimates of more than 4,900 acres grown in approximately 49 of 159 counties in the state in the 2014 production season. Colquitt County, located in southwest Georgia, leads the state in production with 1,900 acres. This cowpea crop profile is the first in the Southeast United States and will support cowpea growers, pest manager, and state research and Extension grant proposal applications.

Feeder Calf Grading Fundamentals (B 1481) Published 10/13/2017

Feeder cattle buyers, marketers, and producers are able to communicate the potential growth and carcass merit potential of individual and grouped calves using the USDA Feeder Cattle Grading Standards. Producers that are aware of these standards and their use in predicting carcass value are better suited to making breeding and management decisions to improve the value of future calf crops.

Using Distillers Grains in Beef Cattle Diets (B 1482) Published 10/13/2017

With the growth of the ethanol industry in recent history, the availability of distillers grains, a byproduct of ethanol production, has increased. Distillers grains can serve as an excellent source of nutrients for beef cattle. However, several considerations must be taken into consideration before utilizing this resource. These include economics, nutrient content and potentially deleterious effects when fed improperly. This publication will provide guidelines and examples of how to use this feed resource.

Hay Replacement Rations for Cows and Early Weaned Calves (TP 103) Published 10/11/2017

Over half of Georgia has been in a prolonged drought since the beginning of May 2016, essentially the entire forage growing season. The drought has hindered the ability of many cattle owners to grow and/or procure enough hay to make it through the winter. Therefore, there is a need to economically develop dietary strategies to maintain cattle through the winter. This publication describes the process of evaluating potential feeds, outlines potential hay-replacement rations, and details considerations for feeding management.

Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfate (C 858-8) Published 10/11/2017

This publication describes hydrogen sulfide and sulfate and its effects on household water quality.

Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfate (C 858-15) Published 10/11/2017

This publication explains how to identify and remove hydrogen sulfide and sulfate from household water.

Understanding Your Credit Report (C 1043-1) Published 10/11/2017

Learn what makes someone credit worthy and the importance of a credit report. This publication covers how to obtain a credit report and how to understand what it contains.

Understanding Your Credit Score (C 1043-2) Published 10/11/2017

Learn what a credit score is and why it is important. This publication covers what is considered and average credit score and what factors influence your score.

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