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Research News

Research News
Agricultural Awareness Day

Hands-on demonstrations and educational opportunities provide local elementary school students with modern agricultural knowledge.

Author: Published 10/20/2017
Dundee Café

Café will display archival materials that document Griffin campus, community history.

Author: Published 10/18/2017
Sunbelt Expo

The Sunbelt Agricultural Expo, an annual event that celebrates agriculture, showcases research and facilitates agricultural education, concludes Thursday in Moultrie, Georgia.

Author: Published 10/18/2017
Exotic Pest Meeting

UGA Griffin campus to host meeting of exotic pest plant professionals.

Author: Published 10/17/2017
Aspergillus Crown Rot

UGA researchers studying why peanut farmers are unable to control crown rot disease through fungicide applications.

Author: Published 10/12/2017
Blueberry Production

Nematodes are microscopic, worm-like parasites that attack the plant's roots.

Author: Published 10/11/2017
Coastal Study

Owning and maintaining coastal property comes with risks, like evacuating when hurricanes arrive.

Author: Published 10/05/2017
Whitefly management

High populations of whiteflies can infect vegetable crops with diseases, like cucurbit leaf crumple virus and tomato yellow curl virus.

Author: Published 10/03/2017
New Biofuels

UGA joins $15 million multistate partnership to foster new industry around carinata-based biofuels in the southern U.S. 

Author: Published 10/03/2017
Leaning Trees

Tropical Storm Irma made peach trees lean, but with support, they can be righted.

Author: Published 09/29/2017

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