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Research News

Research News
Robots in Agriculture

Advanced sensing and data processing may fuel the next green revolution.

Author: Published 03/19/2018
Project RFPs

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut Research is calling for concept notes in two Areas of Inquiry: varietal development and value-added gains.

Author: Published 03/15/2018
Celebrating global food security

An event scheduled for next week in Washington D.C. will highlight the innovation labs' role in global food security and the University of Georgia's part in that work.

Author: Published 03/15/2018
Wheat Crop

Disease pressure and poor environmental conditions led to Georgia growers harvesting only 43 percent of planted area in 2016-17 season.

Author: Published 03/14/2018

Root-knot nematodes feed on cotton roots and cause swelling to develop.

Author: Published 03/13/2018
Poblano Pepper

Compared to bell peppers, poblano peppers have a greater yield per acre and more disease resistance.

Author: Published 03/06/2018
Bell Peppers

UGA Extension vegetable horticulturist Tim Coolong advises gardeners who don't use fumigated plastic mulch to plant bell peppers in early to mid-April in south and central Georgia.

Author: Published 03/05/2018
Native Azaleas

When planting azaleas, select a spot that gets both sun and shade.

Author: Published 03/05/2018
Pesticide Use

UGA Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program promotes the safe and responsible use of pesticides.

Author: Published 03/05/2018
Georgia Bio Awards

Steve Stice accepts two awards presented to ArunA Biomedical and CMaT.

Author: Published 03/01/2018

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