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Requirements for M.S. in Agricultural and Applied Economics


M.S. Degree in Agricultural & Applied Economics


A.    Theory and quantitative requirements (17 hours)

        AAEC 6580-6580L Microeconomics: Theory with Applications I (4 hours)

        AAEC 6590 Microeconomics: Theory with Applications II (3 hours)

        AAEC 6610-6610L Quantitative Techniques in Agricultural Economics (4 hours)

         AAEC 6620 Applied Econometrics (3 hours)

        AAEC 8210 Macroeconomic Issues in Agricultural and Natural Resources (3 hours)

B.    AAEC-9 hours minimum, 6000 or above from Table 1. These hours cannot include the theory and quantitative

        requirements, AAEC 7300, or AAEC 7000.

C.     AAEC 8010 Seminar Program (l hour can count toward the 27 hour minimum).

D.     Successful completion of the Institutional Review Board online training module related to Social and Behavioral

        Research before the end of your first academicsemester.

E.    Preparation of an acceptable thesis.

F.    Preparation of a draft article for publication in an academic journal.

G.    Presentation of a thesis seminar.

H.     Passing of a final oral examination