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Agricultural & Applied Economics

Agricultural Economics Association of Georgia

The Agricultural Economics Association of Georgia (AEAG) was established in October 1976 in Athens, Georgia.

Goals of the association are as follows:

  • To provide opportunities for the professional improvement of people interested in the field of agricultural economics.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of economic problems and issues of mutual interest to people working in agriculture, agribusiness, and related fields.
  • To recommend solution to economic problems facing Georgia's agriculture.

Agricultural economics is involved in all sectors of our economy. The opportunities are greater now than ever before. Agriculture and its fundamental role in growth and development has recaptured the public's attention. All too often economic criteria are ignored in public and private decision making. We must be more effective in communicating the relevance of agricultural economics. We must recruit more students and better support agricultural economists if we are to meet the challenges for further applications of agricultural economics to farm, resource, environmental and agribusiness problems.


AEAG Agricultural Economist Awards Guidelines

The Agricultural Economics Association of Georgia offers two (2) different awards to recognize outstanding professional performance and achievements. 1) The J. W. Fanning Distinguished Young Professional Award is open to individuals with up to and including ten years of professional work experience. 2) The J. W. Fanning Distinguished Professional Award is open to those individuals with more than ten years of professional working experience.

Candidates can be self nominated, or by someone familiar with their accomplishments.   To ensure all nominations are given consistent representation, please submit the following information:

  • Nominee’s contact information (name, address, best phone number and email address)
    • If submitting someone else for nomination, please include your contact information as well
  • Category of the awards in which the nominee is eligible (i.e. Distinguished Young Professional or Distinguished Professional award)
  • Nominee’s education (please include where and when degrees were attained)
  • Nominee’s professional experience
  • Nominee’s professional accomplishments
  • Nominee’s past professional or civic recognitions or awards received
  • Responses should be kept to a maximum of two (2) pages in length

All awards are presented by the AEAG at the Awards Luncheon that follows the annual J.W. Fanning Lecture hosted by the University of Georgia’s Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.   The annual lecture series and awards luncheon are usually held during the late fall or winter and we request all recipients to be present to accept the awards.

Nominations are accepted year round, but must be received by the AEAG no later than October 1 to be considered for that year’s awards.  

All complete nominations are to be submitted to:

            Agricultural Economics Association of Georgia

            303 Conner Hall - The University of Georgia

Athens, GA 30602-7509

For more information about the Agricultural Economics Association of Georgia or learn how to join, please visit or contact the AEAG at (706) 542-2481.


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