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ALEC Departmental Assistantships

Graduate research and teaching assistantships (GRA/GTA) are paid positions within the department. A graduate assistant also receives a full tuition waiver for both in-state and out-of-state tuition. GRA/GTA assist faculty with research and/or teaching and are expected to work 13-20 hours per week during the semester. Once fully admitted into the program, students should submit a Letter of Intent and resume to the Dr. Nick Fuhrman, Graduate Coordinator detailing the reasons for pursuing an assistantship and how experience and education contribute to the department’s teaching, research, and Extension missions.

PSO Graduate Assistantship Program

  1. Review the PSO Units for a fit with your interests and skill set.
  2. Make an appointment with the PSO unit department head to discuss you interest in the program.
  3. Discuss your fit and request the unit head to submit an application on your behalf.
  4. Complete the student application online.
  5. Follow up with the unit head.
  6. PSO funds 15 assistantships per year under this program.

Grand Opportunities for Graduate Research

Graduate Coordinator
Nicholas E FuhrmanAssociate Professor
  • Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication