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How to Apply for the MAEE Program

Steps for applying to graduate studies with the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication.

Step 1.

Complete UGA Graduate School online application

Step 2.

Take the GRE Graduate Record Exam
International Students take the TOEFL

  • Verbal Score of 150 or higher; Quantitative Score of 140 or higher
  • Undergraduate GPA for U.S. students of 3.0 or higher
  • TOEFL score of 80 or higher

Step 3.

Write your Statement of Purpose

  • How will the MAEE graduate degree benefit you professionally?
  • How does your educational and professional background make this degree ideal for you?
  • What about this degree, the ALEC department, and our faculty appeals to you?

Step 4.

Write your Letter of Intent
Note: this step is necessary ONLY if you are applying for funding.

  • Why are you pursuing funding?
  • How could your current experience level contribute to the ALEC department's teaching, research, and Extension missions?
  • What ALEC faculty member would you be interested in working under for an asistantship and why?

Applications are reviewed monthly

Once your packet is complete, your application will be reviewed by the Graduate Education Committee. You should receive notice of admission decision within two months of completing your application.

International Students

Once admitted, start your visa process immediately.