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Dairy Cattle

A total of 268 dairy farms produce 1.34 billion pounds of milk in Georgia. Dairy ranks 8th as an agricultural commodity in Georgia. Over 148 herds in Georgia are on DHI. They average over 21,000 pounds of milk and 300 cows each. Our goal is to extend lifelong learning about dairy production and management through research based information.

Dairy Youth Corner

2017 Southeast Dairy Youth Retreat - Bradenton, Florida July 9-13, 2017


Extension Dairy Publications
Common Terms Used in Animal Feeding and Nutrition (B 1367) Published 6/8/2017

The purpose of this publication is to serve as an educational reference and resource to those who are interested in animal feeding and nutrition. Our primary objective is to list the common terms used when discussing animal feeding. This listing will also be helpful when reading articles on animal feeding and nutrition, feed analysis reports or tags associated with feeds sold in the market.

Dairy Judging Terminology: A Guide to Saying What She is and Not What She Isn't (B 1234) Published 5/12/2017

This guide is designed to help you improve your reasons for your placings in dairy cattle evaluations. Slowly incorporate new terms into your oral reasons and your ability to describe what you see will continue to improve. Concentrate on what you see instead of what you don't see. You only have 2 ½ minutes to justify your placings. Use I.D. points, and Practice! Practice! Practice!

Bull Buyer's Guide (C 553) Published 3/31/2017

Bull procurement decisions can greatly impact your future calf crops and herd genetics for many years. Selecting and buying a herd bull is the quickest way to make genetic improvement in your herd. The selection process must include looking for those traits that are economically important and highly heritable. Demand and buy bulls with total performance that will improve your herd. This publication discusses factors to consider when purchasing a new bull.

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Jillian BohlenAssistant Professor
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John K. BernardProfessor
  • Animal & Dairy Science
  • Animal Waste Awareness in Research and Extension

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Sha TaoAssistant Professor
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