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County Extension Agent

Vocational Agriculture Teacher

Farm Manager

  • Beef
  • Dairy
  • Horse
  • Swine

Animal Care Supervisor

  • Veterinary Hospitals/Clinics
  • University/Government Laboratories
  • Zoo
  • Pharmaceutical Companies

Livestock Marketing

  • Breed Associations
  • Feed Companies
  • Purina Mills
  • Gold Kist
  • Vigortone, Mooreman's
  • Central Soya, Flint River Mills

Retail Feed And Garden Stores

  • Gold Kist

Animal Health Companies

  • Smith Kline
  • Beecham
  • Hoechst-Roussel Agri-Vet
  • Franklin Laboratories
  • Agri Labs
  • Little-Woodall Supply

Artificial Insemination Companies

  • American Breeder's Service
  • Select Sires
  • Tri-State Breeders

Laboratory Research Technicians

  • State and Federal Government

Veterinary School

  • Many students satisfy Pre-Vet requirements within the Animal & Dairy Science Program

Graduate School

  • Many students pursue advanced degrees (M.S., Ph.D.) at UGA or other universities