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UGA Block and Bridle Club

The UGA Block and Bridle Club allows students who are interested in Animal Science to gain experience towards a future in Agriculture.

UGA Cattlemen's Association

The UGA Cattlemen's Association is a local chapter of the Georgia Cattlemen's Association. The club works to promote the beef industry by educating its members and consumers about Georgia's beef industry.

UGA Dairy Judging Team

The UGA Dairy Judging Team provides students with the opportunity to learn how to visually appraise dairy cattle and orally defend their reasons. The team travels to practice sessions and contests throughout Georgia and the U.S. culminating at the National Intercollegiate Contest in Madison, Wis.

Dairy Science Club

The purpose of the Dairy Science Club is to engage students with a sincere interest in agriculture and the dairy industry in community service and other projects that support the dairy industry.

UGA Horse Judging Team

The UGA Horse Judging Team teaches students the evaluation and communication skills which are important in the equine industry today. Students learn to evaluate form to function, way of going, various performance events and soundness.

UGA Horsemen's Association

The Collegiate Horsemen’s Association is a student run organization that provides our members the chance to gain knowledge about horses in a fun manner while promoting access into the horse industry.

UGA Livestock Judging Team

The UGA Livestock Team participates in livestock judging events across the country. UGA's livestock judging program teaches students how to carefully analyze animals and measure them against a standard commonly accepted as being ideal.

UGA Meat Animal Evaluation Judging Team

The UGA Meat Animal Evaluation Judging Team enhances student education by providing hands-on experience in evaluation of breeding animals and market animals and their carcasses for determination of quality and value.

Pre-Vet Club

A student organization on the UGA campus whose members are interested in veterinary medicine (and gaining admission into vet school). Our organization meets every other week and all UGA students, faculty, and staff are welcome to join.

Dairy Science Club