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Cristiane Pilon

Assistant Professor - Row Crop Physiology
  • Crop & Soil Sciences
  • National Environmentally Sound Production Agriculture Laboratory (NESPAL)
Mailing Address:
Tifton, CAES Campus
Shipping Address:
Tifton, CAES Campus


About Cristiane Pilon

Cristiane Pilon joined the Crop and Soil Sciences Department in 2017 as a Row Crop Physiologist (75% research and 25% extension).

Dr. Pilon’s program focuses on the physiological aspects of the peanut crop with the objective of improving peanut production in Georgia. Her areas of emphasis include physiology of crop growth and development, seed quality and yield, water requirements, and environmental stress.

Dr. Pilon works cooperatively with UGA faculty, peanut team, USDA-ARS personnel, Georgia Peanut Commission, and others. Her extension responsibilities include supporting county extension programs, in-service training, developing educational materials, and working with the peanut extension team.