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The UGA Department of Crop and Soil Sciences offers four majors:

Agriscience and Environmental Systems

The agriscience and environmental systems (AES) major prepares students for careers in agricultural production, food systems management and environmental systems. This major is also offered on the UGA Tifton and Griffin campuses.

The wide range of career opportunities awaiting AES graduates includes agribusiness management, agribusiness sales, agribusiness service, service through Cooperative Extension, farm management, finance, education and research.

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Environmental Resource Science

The environmental resource science major builds a strong foundation in basic and applied sciences. Students learn about how the collaboration of sciences can impact the environment and urban areas. This major is also offered on the UGA Griffin Campus.

Graduates gain problem-solving skills and practical knowledge, preparing them for careers in environmental research laboratories, consulting firms, horticulture production, government and management.

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Turfgrass Management

Turfgrass management undergraduates study the science and culture of fine grasses used on golf courses, athletic fields, home lawns and other areas requiring an attractive, but functional, ground cover.

Increasing interest in outdoor recreational activities as well as aesthetically appealing, landscaped areas has created a demand for professional turfgrass managers. Our turfgrass management majors are ready to meet those demands after graduation.

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Water and Soil Resources

The water and soil resources major emphasizes assessment, conservation and rehabilitation of the soil, water and wetland components of our natural landscape. Students gain an understanding of the physical and biological elements of our natural environment, an appreciation of the social, political and economic forces that influence policy decisions and the ability to analyze natural resources problems to create realistic solutions.

Students can meet the educational requirements for Certified Soil Scientist by the Soil Science Society of America through electives, and can prepare for the certified hydrologist exam offered by the American Institute of Hydrology.

Graduates are prepared for careers with environmental consulting firms, public regulatory agencies and corporations working with natural resources or conservation organizations.

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