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3/27/17 - Introducing UGA Entomology department newsletters. The Hexapod Herald will be issued in Spring, Summer and Fall of each year. We ask that you share each issue with friends and neighbors, and anyone who is interested in UGA Entomology department. 


Spring 2017 - Issued March 21, 2017

This issue covers November 2016 to February 2017. In this issue...

  • Name the newsletter contest and winner, page 1.
  • Alumni News: UGA Entomology to the Smithsonian: One of many paths by Dr. Floyd W. Shockley, page 5.
  • Serendipity by Robert W. Matthews, page 11.
  • Faculty Highlight: Dr. Brett R. Blaauw, page 15.
  • Staff Highlight: Nancy Jordan, 30 year achievement, page 7.
  • Student Spotlight: Annie Rich, page 13.
  • Student Spotlight: Thomas C. McElrath, page 14.