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Ian A Knight

Graduate Rsch Assistant
  • Entomology
Mailing Address:
Tifton, CAES Campus


2014 – Present Ph.D in Entomology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA.
2012 - 2014 M.S. in Entomology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA.
2006 - 2010 B.S. in Environmental Science, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, VA.

About Me (CV)

As an undergraduate I worked with the CNU Center for Wetland Conservation to study the effects of fire on recovery of the Atlantic White Cedar, Chamaecyparis thyoides. During my time there I developed a love of research and field work. Before coming to UGA to study entomology I worked as an AmeriCorps field assistant working with The Nature Conservancy to monitor invasive species and conservation targets and working with local volunteers to maintain preserves. During my time as an intern I had several supportive mentors who helped me figure out my plans for the future and were a large part of my decision to look at graduate programs.
As a graduate student located on the Tifton campus my program has been divided between time on the Athens main campus where I completed the majority of my coursework and the Tifton campus where we have the infrastructure to conduct agricultural experiments and access to local grower fields. In addition to my coursework and research I am a member of the UGA Linnaean team which competes at entomologically themed quiz-bowl style competitions at regional and national annual meetings of the Entomological Society of America. I have also volunteered as a judge for state and regional science and engineering fairs. Currently I am one of the lucky student residents of the Future Farmstead an ‘energy independent experimental farm and farmstead dedicated to developing and demonstrating advanced technologies which will enhance farmer efficiency to achieve the nation's future energy, food, and environmental requirements’.
I am interested in researching practical and sustainable solutions to environmental and agricultural issues and welcome any inquiries into my research or the Future Farmstead!

My Research

My current research is focusing on the ecology of the invasive kudzu bug, Megacopta cribraria (F.) (Hemiptera:Plataspidae) and associated natural enemies. This includes a mark and recapture measure the movement of generations of kudzu bug from wild kudzu into cultivated soybean fields, measuring in-field distributions of the kudzu bug egg parasitoid Paratelenomus saccharalis, measuring Beauveria bassiana in overwintering populations of kudzu bugs, and investigating the implications of plant pathogen management on natural control of kudzu bugs by B. bassiana.
My Masters research focused on IPM management techniques of thrips (Thysanoptera) in cotton and peanut agroecosystems. This included looking at the interactions between different tillage techniques and neonicotinoid seed treatments on thrips counts, growth, disease transmission, and yields. We also looked at the effects of reflective particle films for thrips management in cotton and peanut.

Publications and Presentations

Knight, I.A., Reay-Jones, F., Reisig, D., Moore, P., and M. Toews. 2015. Measuring spatial distribution of seasonal dispersal of the kudzu bug, Megacopta cribraria (Hemiptera: Plataspidae) in kudzu and soybean. Student TMP Presentation, ESA Annual Meeting, Minneapolis MN.

Knight, I.A., Rains, G., Culbreath, A. and M. Toews. 2015. Conservation tillage and thiamethoxam seed treatments as tools to reduce thrips densities and disease in cotton and peanut. Crop Prot. 76:92-99.

Knight, I.A., Culbreath, A., and M. Toews. April 2014. Cultural practices to reduce thrips densities and disease transmission in peanut. MS Student Paper, Georgia Entomological Society, Valdosta, GA.

Knight, I.A. Rains, G and M. Toews. March 2014. Potential for managing thrips in seeding cotton using particle films. Student TMP Presentation, ESA Southeastern Branch Annual Meeting, Greenville, SC.

Knight, I.A. Rains, G. and M. Toews. January 2014. Cultural practices to decrease thrips densities in cotton production systems. Beltwide Cotton Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Knight, I.A., Culbreath, A., and M. Toews. November 2013. Cultural practices to decrease thrips densities in cotton and peanut production systems. Student TMP Presentation, ESA Annual Meeting, Austin, TX.

Knight, I.A., J.D. Roquemore, R.B. Atkinson. April 2010. Floristic analysis of regenerating Atlantic white cedar stands after fire in the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Suffolk, Virginia. PAIDEIA Conference, CNU.

Knight, I.A., H.W. Hudson, III, R.B. Atkinson. October 2009. First year growth of seven wetland tree species in three compensatory wetlands in Loudoun Co. Virginia. MARCUS Conference, Sweet Brier, VA.