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Nicholas Weaver

FT Research Tech II

About Nicholas:
Nicholas serves the Honey Bee Program as a Research Project Supervisor by leading a team of technicians to carry out the laboratory and field work parameters of each project, as prescribed by the research coordinator and program faculty. Nicholas started work with the Honey Bee Lab in 2007 while an undergraduate at Gainesville State College. He continued as a technician with the Honey Bee Lab after transferring to the Biology program at the University of Georgia. In 2012 he became the full-time project supervisor.


Public figure
Nicholas gained attention in the media in 2011 when he encouraged the Forsyth County (GA) Board of Commissioners to allow residential homeowners to keep honey bees. The proposal to prohibit residential beekeeping throughout the county was developed in response to a code enforcement complaint. Nicholas, along with other beekeepers in the area, eventually won the hard-fought contest and homeowners in Forsyth County, GA are free to keep bees without any restrictions.

Other endeavors
At the time he received it, Nicholas was the youngest person to have earned the Welsh Honey Judge certification. He also earned the highest score of anyone to take the GA-MBP Master Beekeeper written exam. Nicholas is a side-line beekeeper and maintains apiaries near Gainesville, GA. He also does live removals and relocations of honey bees from buildings and structures in his spare time.

Nicholas serves on the staff of the Young Harris Beekeeping Institute, and continues his efforts in community service as an ambassador of beekeeping to the general public. He regularly represents the Extension service and the University by making presentations to various bee clubs and related programs.