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UGA Honey Bee Lab Email Distribution List


Recent Changes to our Email Lists

We have historically managed a formal email list of subscribers to our Georgia Bee Letter through the University's Listserv system. We have also maintained an informal list of email addresses submitted by attendees and other people interested in our YHC-UGA Beekeeping Institute. In 2014, we made the decision to consolidate the two lists to improve our communications and simplify the administration of the databases.

As of January 2015, our UGA Listserv has over 1,800 addresses. Yet, understandably, every distribution brings new "bad addresses" to our attention, and we have no alternative other than to delete them. Some of these addresses may no longer exist, but others may only be temporarily full (infrequently checked secondary addresses). If you wish to continue to receive our emails, please keep these ideas in mind:

  1. Please do not subscribe with an address that you don't regularly check/maintain.
  2. Let us know when you change email addresses or close your address. Follow the instructions below to update your address of record with our UGA Listserv service.
  3. If you previously subscribed, yet are no longer receiving our correspondence, please check your email SPAM settings/filters. Perhaps, our messages are ending up in your SPAM folder, or not making it through some new security measures imposed by your email service provider. With some SPAM filters, you have to manually approve the following email address to receive our correspondence:

Subscribe, Unsubscribe or Change your subscription.

To subscribe:

From the email account to which you would like us to correspond, send an email to with the following, solitary line (except replace "yourfirstname" with your first name, and "yourlastname" with your last name) in the message Body (no Subject line):

subscribe ga-bee-letter yourfirstname yourlastname

To unsubscribe:
From the same email address with which you subscribe, send an email to with the following, solitary line in the message Body (not the Subject line!):

signoff ga-bee-letter

To change/update your subscription:
Follow the preceding instructions to first, unsubscribe from the email address into which you no longer wish to receive our emails. Then, open and subscribe from your new/preferred email address account.

Our most recent distributions: