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Senior Welsh Honey Judge Level 2 Requirements

Senior Welsh Honey Judge (SrWJH) licensing requires that six steps be completed:

  1. Advanced Training
  2. Stewarding/Judging Honey Shows
  3. Honey Show Participation Points
  4. Present a Senior Welsh Honey Judge Portfolio
  5. Presentation of Judge’s Kit and Attire
  6. Final Exam

The 6 steps can be completed at the candidate’s own pace. Upon successful completion of the 6 steps, the candidates will be certified as a Senior WHJ by the Young Harris Institute. SrWHJs hold the highest rank of honey judge available in the USA and will be leaders andstandard bearers for judging bee products therein.

Welsh Honey Judge - Level 1

Advanced Training
Candidates will be required to attend the Young Harris Institute and register for a class on “Advanced Honey Judge Training” or similar. This training has been developed to refine the skills of experienced WHJs.


Stewarding Honey Shows

The candidate for Senior WHJ must judge/steward a minimum of 3 Welsh honey shows AFTER being certified as a WHJ. Honey shows stewarded BEFORE being certified as a WHJ will not count toward the total required for achieving Senior WHJ status.


Honey Show Participation Points
Candidates for Senior WHJ must collect a minimum of 50 Welsh Honey Show participation points by entering their own products in various Welsh honey shows, thereby demonstrating proficiency in hive product exhibition. Accumulation of participation points will be calculated on the following basis: 1st prize – 6 points, 2nd prize – 5 points, 3rd prize – 4 points, Very Highly Commended – 3 points, Highly Commended – 2 points and Commended – 1 point. For example, a candidate for certification as a Senior WHJ must win 1st prize 9 times (9 first prizes × 6 points/first prize = 54 participation points) or be commended 50 times (50 commendations x 1 point/commendation = 50 participation points), etc.


Present a Senior Welsh Honey Judge Portfolio
The candidate will be required to present a Senior WHJ Portfolio that documents completion of steward requirements (step 2) and honey show participation point accumulation (step 3). Documentation should include: (1) completion of the "Honey Show Documentation Form" and (2) at least one additional piece of evidence (including, but not limited to, copies of certificates, prize cards, ribbons, show schedules, pictures of events (with the candidate in the photos), articles and witness statements from the Secretaries or Chairmen of said Welsh Honey Shows). All portfolios are expected to be assembled in presented in a professional manner (e.g. organized by date, in a 3-ring binder with associated pieces of evidence).


Presentation of Judge’s Kit and Attire
At the time of testing for Senior WHJ (step 6), candidates are required to present the complete judge’s kit and wear the official WHJ attire: white coat and hat. Senior level candidates should take care to dress in a professional manner under their official judge’s attire.


Final Exam
The candidate will be examined by two certified Senior WHJs. The examination, consisting of oral and practical components, will be administered at the Young Harris Institute. During the exam, the candidate will be required to adorn the appropriate attire (Appendix B) and will be requested to judge a complete range of bee products while explaining the judging process. The Senior WHJs are free to ask questions related to judging Welsh Honey Shows and about bee hive products in general.


Questions about the program may be addressed to Kieth Fielder.

WHJ & SrWHJ Introduction