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Welsh Honey Show

Honey Show

We urge all YHBI participants to enter the Institute Honey Show, even if you’ve never competed before.

The show rules have changed for 2017, please read them carefully as you prepare your entry.

2017 UGA & Young Harris College Beekeeping Institute Welsh Honey Show Rules and Regulations

Show Information

  • Only registered Institute participants may enter.
  • Judges, stewards, and show secretary are disqualified from competition.
  • Institute reserves the right to limit the number of entries on a first-come, first-admitted basis.
  • There are nineteen show classes:
    1. Three jars Light Honey (see rules 4, 5, & 6)
    2. Three jars Medium Honey (see rules 4, 5, & 6)
    3. Three jars Dark Honey (see rules 4, 5, & 6)
    4. Three jars Chunk Honey (see rules 4, 5 & 7)
    5. Three Jars Creamed Honey (see rules 4, 5, & 8)
    6. Black jar (see rule 4 & 9)
    7. Three square sections of honey (see rule 11)
    8. One piece, not patterned, at least 454g (1lb) weight and at least 25mm (1 inch) thick (see rule 12)
    9. Three matching plain Beeswax Candles, not patterned; all made by molding
    10. Three matching Beeswax Candles. All to be made by any method other than by molding
    11. Three matching Beeswax Candles; all made by molding
    12. Six 28g (1oz) Blocks, matching in all respects
    13. Six Small Honey Biscuits or Cookies – not in paper cases (see rule 14)
    14. Bottle of Sweet Mead
    15. Bottle of Dry Mead
    16. Metheglin or Melomel, etc. – Dry or Sweet (one bottle)
    17. Beekeeping Artistry - made by the exhibitor, relating to bees or beekeeping i.e. embroidery, honey pot, painting etc. (not a photograph) (see rule 17)
    18. Photograph of a beekeeping related subject (see rule 15)
    19. Beekeeping gadget (see rule 16)