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Adjunct Faculty

Mark Berrang
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Georgia
Microbiologist, USDA-ARS-PPMQ
Russell Research Center

Contamination of poultry carcass with Campylobacter and Listeria during processing and further processing.

Jennifer Cannon
Adjunct Associate Professor
Studies in the survival, persistence, and the likelihood of foodborne virus transfer to foods, food contact surfaces, and hands which is important for quantitative risk assessment.  Development and evaluation of novel food contact sanitizers for efficacy against foodborne viruses and novel applications for these treatments.

Douglas E. Cosby
Research Animal Scientist (Microbiology)
U.S. National Poultry Research Center
Poultry Microbiological Safety & Processing Research
950 College Station Road, Room 540
Athens, GA. 30605
Intervention of human entero-pathogens in poultry and in antimicrobial resistance of human entero-pathogens associated with poultry.

Derek M. Greer

Adjunct Associate Professor
Ph.D. Clemson University
Product development.

Jeffrey L. Kornacki
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
President and Senior Technical Director, Kornacki Food Safety Associates, LLC

Food safety and microbiology.

Jian-rong Li
Adjunct Professor
Director and Professor of Food Science
and Technology
Research Institute of Food Science
Bohai University
P. R. China

Sudhagar Mani

Adjunct Associate Professor
Ph. D. University of British Columbia, Canada
Assistant Professor, Biochemical Engineering, College of Engineering, UGA
Developing technologies to solve biomass feedstock related problems for economical and efficient collection, transport and preprocessing of lignocellulosic biomass from agriculture and forest sources.

Bosoon Park
Adjunct Professor
Research Scientist, USDA-ARS
Russell Research Center
College Station Road
Athens, GA 30605

Optical detection of food safety and food defense hazards.

Gabriela Sanchez-Brambila
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Research Center for Food and Development Center, Hermosilla, Mexico
FoodSense Innovations, LLC

Service for the food industry in the area of sensory evaluation; training for leaders, focus groups and testing panelists. Sensory quality of food products.

Manpreet Singh
Adjunct Professor
UGA Department of Poultry Science
308 Poultry Science Building
Athens, GA 30602
Ph.D. Iowa State University
Pre- and post-harvest food safety and the impact of food processing on safety of foods; development and validation of novel intervention strategies to control foodborne pathogens in production and processing environments; application of rapid detection and identification methods for foodborne pathogens; prevalence and persistence of foodborne pathogens in production and processing environments; and stress responses including host-pathogen interactions and survival of foodborne pathogens in foods.  

Harshavardhan Thippareddi
Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
UGA Department of Poultry Science
314 Poultry Science Athens, GA 30602
Poultry processing, unit operations, poultry quality, microbiological safety, antimicrobial interventions, predictive microbiology, novel food processing technologies to improve quality and microbiological safety of fresh and processed poultry.

Hong Zhuang
Adjunct Associate Professor
Ph. D. University of Kentucky
Research Food Technologist
Russell Research Center
College Station Road
Athens, GA 30605
Assessment and Improvement of Poultry Meat, Egg, and Feed Quality.