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Seminar Series – Fall 2017

Time: 3:30 – 4:40 pm

Athens: 1205 Miller Plant Sciences
Tifton: 125 Nespal
Griffin: SLC Room 217

Aug 30 

UGArden: Explore the Possibilities
Noelle Fuller
(UGA Horticulture) 

Sept 6 

Quantifying Photosynthetic Responses to Optimize Supplemental Lighting Strategies
Geoffrey Weaver
(Ph.D. Proposal Seminar) 

Sept 13 


Sept 20 

Assessing Genetic Compatibility Within and Among Asclepius spp. and Creation of Novel Cultivars for the Floriculture Market
Mary Lewis (M.S. Proposal Seminar) 

Sept 27 

Teaching Undergraduates on Semester at Sea: 11 countries in 4 months
Dr. Jim Affolter (UGA Horticulture Professor and Director of Science and Conservation.of State Botanical Garden) 

Oct 4 

Expect the best; plan for the worst: Making the most of your graduate training in Horticulture at UGA
Dr.Ron Walcott (Department of Plant Pathology Professor, and Associate Dean of the UGA Graduate School)

Oct 11 

Physiological and Molecular Characterization of Blossom End Rot in Bell Pepper
Andres Mayorga
(M.S. Proposal Seminar) 

Oct 18 

Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture in South Africa
JoHannah Biang (UGA Horticulture)

Oct 25 

Optimizing Protocols for the Vegetative Propagation and Tissue Culture of Castanea sp.
Ryan McNeill
(Ph.D. Proposal Seminar) 

Nov 1 

The Next Generation of Fruit Breeding at the University of Arkansas”
Dr. Margaret Worthington
 (Assistant Professor, Department of Horticulture, University of Arkansas)

Nov 8 


Nov 15 

Enhancing the Ornamental Potential of Rare Theaceae Species Through Genetic Diversity and Tissue Culture Research
Heather Gladfelter
(Ph.D. Proposal Seminar)