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Barrow County:
4H Youth Development

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About 4-H

In Georgia, there are more than 180,000 young people learning and having fun through UGA Extension's Youth Development Program, 4-H. The Georgia 4-H Program receives support from the United States Department of Agriculture, The University of Georgia, local and county governments, and donors.

4-H members gain self-confidence by learning good communication and public speaking skills at County Project Achievement (CPA) and District Project Achievement (DPA). They make new friends by attending conferences, camps, and reward trips. 4-H also teaches members wise leadership and decision-making skills through Officer's Training, and judging events.

The 4-H age groups are:

  • Cloverleaf (5th and 6th graders),
  • Junior (7th and 8th graders), and
  • Senior (9th through 12th graders) 4-H Clover

The 4-H motto is "TO MAKE THE BEST BETTER." If you are wondering what the 4 H's stand for, they represent the Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. The 4-H slogan is "LEARN BY DOING ". The 4-H colors are green and white and the emblem is the four leaf clover.

Barrow County 4-H Program staff, Tiffany Coles and Jonathan Page, visit the 5th grade classrooms and middle schools in the Barrow County school system once a month six times each school year. Students learn about 4-H, Georgia agriculture, water conservation and the environment, nutrition, and much more. They complete Friends books and give demonstrations. High school 4-H'ers meet together after-school once a month during the school year.

In the summer, Barrow County 4-H'ers may attend summer camp at one of the 5 camps that make up the Georgia 4-H camping program. Cloverleaf camp is usually at Rock Eagle, the largest 4-H center in the United States. Junior and Senior camps rotate between the two beach camps, Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island and Jekyll Island, the mountain camp, Wahsega and Camp Fortson next to Atlanta Motor Speedway. There is also a camp in Fulton County called Camp Truitt-Fulton. Related sites you may want to visit for more 4-H information include: Georgia 4-H , National 4-H Headquarters.

As you can see, Barrow County 4-H offers many opportunities for team and individual learning experiences that promote team work, develop public speaking skills, enhance decision making abilities and are just plain fun! If you have any questions about Barrow County 4-H, please contact us.


For more information about UGA Extension Barrow County 4-H Youth Programs, contact Wanda McLocklin at,Tiffany Coles at or Jonathan Page at or call (770) 307-3029.

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