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Bartow County:
4-H Youth DevelopmentI am Georgia 4-H

What is 4-H?

A club in which youth and adults learn, grow, and work together as catalysts for positive change! Georgia 4-H, a partner in public education, is youth and adults learning, growing, and working together to experience and accomplish the extraordinary.

How Do I Join 4-H?

In Bartow County, all youth in 4th through 12th grade may be 4-H members, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex or disability. 4-H has Club Meetings in every Elementary and Middle School in Bartow County. Our High School 4-H'ers meet monthly at our 4-H office. We even have a “Home School Club”. There are no membership fees! (There may be a minimal cost for some activities.)

In order to become a 4-H member, all you need to do is fill out an enrollment card that is given out in the School Club meetings.


4-H News and Opportunities

Youth Programs

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In the News

Bartow County 4-H Excels at Forestry Judging

Bartow County 4-H’ers celebrated victory in district competition at the Forestry Field Day held Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015 at Wahsega 4-H Center in Dahlonega. Forestry Field Day is the first level of competition for the Forestry Judging Team, which teaches youth about one of Georgia's most valuable resources. Forestry TeamParticipants learn to identify trees, insects and diseases. They also participate in compass and pacing activities and learn how to complete saw timber volume estimations. Field Day provides an opportunity for youth to gain a better appreciation for local forest resources and how they contribute to local economy and quality of life.

The Junior Team, comprised of Bethany Craven, Anna Huges, Nadia Dick, Luci Paige, Gabriel Craven, Wesley Hughes, and Audrey Paige was thrilled with a sixth place finish over all.

The Senior Team, including Josh Drexler, Benjamin Craven, Lindsey Craven, Jacob Paige, J.D. Paige, Lydia Pike and Bowen Pike placed second overall. Drexler’s individual score placed him 2nd overall out of the 78 senior 4-H ‘ers in competition at Wahsega 4-H Center. Other top 10 overall finishes include Benjamin Craven-7th and Lindsey Craven-8th. The Senior Team will compete again at Rock Eagle for a state title September 26th, 2015.

Each student that participated in the Forestry Field Day was able to acquire knowledge of trees and forests as well as develop skills in forestry related activities. This knowledge will aid the students in their everyday life because they have gained a better understanding of and appreciation for local forest resources and how these local resources contribute to our economy and quality of life.

Bartow Fall Classic Livestock Show

Registration for the 2015 Bartow Fall Classic October 24th at the Bartow County Saddle Club is now open :) Registration Form and Details

Bartow County Annual Rabies Clinic April 25, 2015 @ First Baptist Church from 9 to 11am

Bartow County 4-H Club helped rabies Dr. Tally from Pet Vet vaccinate 200 cats and dogs at their Annual Rabies Clinic held April 25, 2015. The threat of bad weather did not keep these 4-H'ers away as they worked tirelessly tackling the line of cars that greeted them early Saturday morning. We are looking forward to 2016 and hope to use all the shots Dr. Tally brings with him next year.

Leadership in Action interviews 3 Bartow 4-H'ers for State Congress

Congratulations to Thomas Gilbert, Matthew Pryor and Amelia Payne for placing in the top 5 of Northwest District GA 4-H Leadership in Action Awards on April 23, 2015. Thomas leadership in actionworked hard directing the city-wide talent show known as Every Child's A Star, raising over $11,000 and earning 1st place in the district. Matthew Pryor took 2nd place for his project The Code of Conduct Rap,a state wide GA 4-H music video explaining the conduct rules each 4-H'er must abide by. He will also compete at State Congress . Amelia Payne did the project collecting hundreds of valentines (and naming her collection 'The Tunnel of Love') for military service people during February. This competition consists of an application, essay in the format of situation and response, letter of reference, and an interview. Each district send 1st and 2nd place to State Congress to compete. 1st place at State wins a scholarship or a chance to go to National Conference. Great work Thomas, Matt and Amelia!!

Bartow County 4-H excels at Jr./Sr. District Project Achievement

March 2015Jr Sr DPA
Congratulations to all of our 7th– 12th grade 4-H’ers that attended Project Achievement at Rock Eagle in Eatonton, GA. “High Five” to our current State officers from Bartow that did a great job over the weekend: Vice President Matthew Pryor, Thomas Gilbert, and Ezra Hall. “Clovers” to those who campaigned all weekend trying to earn one of the eight spots on
either the Northwest Junior or Senior Boards.

Cass High
Leah Martin- Target Sports
Minal Dalwadi-Performing Arts Vocal

Woodland High
Amelia Payne, Environmental Sciences -1st & won the Water Wise Scholarship
Sam Payne-Target Sports- 1st place
Cayla Candelas-Health-2nd
Zoree Griffin-Wildlife and Marine Science-3rd
Isaac Griner-Target Sports-4th
Madison Holman- Vet Science-4th
Alyssa Petitti-Human Development-6th
Logan Kendricks-Performing Arts Other Instrumental

Cartersville Middle
Grayson Breedlove- Textile, & Interiors- 1st
Kylee Gayton- Arts- 4th

Adairsville Middle
Natalie Burrow-Sports-1st

Cass Middle
Nora Martin-Workforce Preparation and Career Development-6th

Rockmart Middle
Isaac Streetman- Performing Arts General- 3rd

Excel Middle
Grace Rhodes- International- 2nd

Woodland Middle
Ericson Mosley- Performing Arts Instrumental- 1st

Cartersville High
Ezra Hall-History-3rd
Buck Hicks-Workforce Preparation & Career Development

N. Paulding High
Bowen Pike- Safety- 6th

Home School
Lindsey Craven-Art and Crafts-1st
Benjamin Craven-Communications- 4th
Jacob Paige-Physical, Biological, and Earth Science
JD Paige-Safety- 3rd
Matthew Shockey-Performing Arts Instrumental-3rd
Jacob Shockey- Physical, Biological, and Earth Science-1st
Sydney Cook-Workforce Preparation and Career Development- 1st
Lydia Dick-Outdoor Recreation-3rd
Josh Drexler-Entomology- 2nd
Kaydee Huskins- Performing Arts Instrumental- 1st
Will Pike- Forestry And Wood Science- 4th
Nadia Dick- Dog Care & Training- 2nd

Marketing Award - Matthew Pryor and Thomas Gilbert

Honorable Mention Project Club - Matthew Pryor for Video Club

Bartow County 4-H Takes 7th Straight Win for Consumer Judging and Cotton Jamboree

4-Her's attending Consumer JudgingBartow County 4-H’ers celebrated their seventh straight victory in the area competition at the annual Cotton Boll and Consumer Jamboree held Nov. 6 in Bartow County at the Civic Center in Cartersville. Coaches Kim Payne and Kathy Floyd worked with  22

4-H’ers to teach them the advantages and disadvantages of four different consumer products and the importance of cotton as one of Georgia's most valuable agricultural commodities.  The competition is in two parts, Products/Reasons and Commercials, with an overall score determined.


Bartow County 4-H excels at Jr./Sr. District Project Achievement March 2014

Bartow County 4-H’ers celebrated victory in district competition at the annual Project Achievement competition on March 7-9 at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton.


The first place Bartow Senior 4-H'ers included Kaitlyn Drexler in General Recreation, Ezra Hall in History, Brittany Nally in Dairy Foods, Matthew Pryor, Communications, Isaac Griner in Target Sports, and  Noah DeBroux in Sports. Second place winners that earned a sweepstakes trip to State Congress are Daniel Craven in Performing Arts Piano, Lindsey Craven in Arts and Crafts, and Cayla Candelas in Health. 

Other Bartow County District Project Achievement participants for 2014 were:

GA Highlands College
Kaitlyn Drexler-General Recreation-1st
Daniel Craven-Performing Arts Piano- 2nd
Cass High
Leah Martin-Festive Food-3rd
Woodland High
Isaac Griner-Target Sports-1st
Cayla Candelas-Health-2nd
Zoree Griffin-Wildlife and Marine Science-2nd
Sam Payne-Performing Arts Other Instrumental
Logan Kendricks-Performing Arts Other Instrumental
Amelia Payne, Conservation of Natural Resources-2nd
Alyssa Petitti-Human Development-6th
Madison Holman- Vet Science-4th
Cartersville High
Ezra Hall-History-1st
Katie Poe-Physical, Biological, and Earth Science-8th
Adairsville High
Brittany Nally-Dairy Foods-1st
Cameron Johnson-Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts-4th
Adairsville Middle
Natalie Burrow-Horse-1st
Trinity Conant-Companion Animals-3rd
Cass Middle
Nora Martin-Wildlife-2nd
Minal Dalwadi-Crafts-3rd
Cartersville Middle
Buck Hicks-Workforce Preparation-2nd
Carrie Reeves-Dog Care and Training-4th
Gabby Gray-Performing Arts Vocal-6th
South Central Middle
Morgan Tisdale-Performing Arts Instrumental-7th
Home School
Lindsey Craven-Art and Crafts-2nd
Noah DeBroux-Sports-1st 
Matthew Pryor-Communication-1st
Benjamin Craven-Crafts-1st
Jacob Paige-Physical, Biological, and Earth Science-3rd
JD Paige-Wildlife-2nd
Matthew Shockey-Performing Arts Instrumental-4th
Jacob Shockey- Physical, Biological, and Earth Science-4th
Sydney Cook-Poultry and Egg Science-1st
Lydia Dick-Flowers, Shrubs, and Lawns-1st
Josh Drexler-Outdoor Recreation-1st
River Ridge High
Lauren Purvis-Horse-6th

Bartow County 4-H NRA Grant Recipients March 2014

bbThe Bartow County 4-H SAFE Teams, including Modified Trap, .22 Rimfire and the BB Team were recently awarded three grants from the NRA Foundation to provide materials and supplies for youth to use in practice and competition with 4-H. These grants will allow more students to participate in these activities at a reduced cost. Volunteer team coaches David Griner, Jeff Monroe, Mike Hickam (Modified Trap) and Doug Payne, Troy Martin and Alex Payne (.22 Rimfire and BB Team) will receive goods worth a total of $6,298.88.

shotgunThe current team members who will benefit from the generosity of the NRA Foundation are: BB Team Members: Jordan Baldwin, Noah Borgelt, TJ Bosdell, Keaton Centers, Avery Chitwood, Kylie Clay, Gideon Conant, Josh Drexler, Sarah Holman, Emmalie Lovett, Nora Martin, Brayden Mullinax, Grant Payne and Brendan Quillin; .22 Rimfire Team: Sierra Baldwin, Skip Baumann, Jacob Centers, Harrison Chastain, Justin Davey, Isaac Griner, Emma Jansson, Logan Kendricks, Caleb Lambert, Leah martin, Austin Murray, Garrett Myrick, Mackenzie Payne, Sam Payne, Matthew Pryor, Brian Quinet, Will Swanson and Maegan Wilson; Modified Trap SAFE 22Team Members: Austin Cauffman, Cody Cauffman, Brady Gentry, Dalton Gilstrap, Isaac Griner, JC Hickam, Trevor Mapes, Nora Martin, Asa Meadows, Reece Monroe, Bowen Pike, Will Pike, Lauren Purvis and Jesse Wright. Last year, each of the three different SAFE Teams had an incredibly successful season.


Bartow 4-H’ers earn team and individual wins at State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest March 2014

The 2014 State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest was held in Athens on Saturday, March 22. Youth flocked from around Georgia to participate in the contest with youth from Bartow County earning high marks. Livestock Judging team coaches are Taylor Moore, Denise Martin, Lynne Gentry and Mark Knight.

Moore said, “We are proud of all of the hard work the 4-H’ers put into qualifying for State this year. Overall, the Bartow County Junior Team had a ninth place finish and the Senior Team had a tenth place finish. We have a very young team and look forward to improving next year.”  metal

Junior Team members include Nora Martin, Elle Smith and Hill Smith. Senior Tea



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For more information on the Bartow County 4-H Program contact Allison Perkins at the County Extension Office (770) 387-5142 or

University of Georgia (UGA) College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES)