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Forsyth County Extension Office:
4-H Youth Development

4-H Summer Camp Information

Georgia 4-H provides a great summer camp program for 4th-12th graders.

Cloverleaf Camp at Wahsega 4-H Center June 15-19 for 4th-6th graders. Click here to watch the camp video.

Junior Camp at Fortson 4-H Center June 22-16 for 7th-8th graders*

Wilderness Challenge Camp at Wahsega 4-H Center July 6-10 for 7th-8th graders *

Marine Resource Camp at Burton 4-H Center July 20-24 for 7th-8th graders*

Senior Camp at Fortson 4-H Center June 29-July 3 for 9th-12th graders* Click here for a description of the activites provided at Senior Camp.

*** Please note your child must be deemed an active 4-H'er in order to attend these camps. ***

Spring Break Fun Day- Wednesday, April 8th

Looking for somehting fun to do during Spring Break? Come to the Etowah Indian Mounts and Tellus Science Museum with us! Please click here form more details.

County Project Achievement(CPA) - February 24th at Shiloh Point Elem.

CPA is a fun competition for 4th-6th grader that allows them to take an interest and build a project around it. This builds their public speaking and leadership skills. For more information on how to create a 4-H project, please click here.

Please click here to register your child for CPA. On-site check in will run from 5:45 pm-6:15 pm with the opening assembly starting at 6:20 pm.

For some examples of 4-H Projects, please see below.

Example 1, Example 2, and Example 3.

Monthly County Council Meetings

This year we are offering a Cloverleaf (4th-6th grade) and Junior/Senior (7th-12th grade) County Council. These are the general 4-H meetings, and everyone is invited! The next meeting for both will take place on Monday, January 26th from 6:00-7:00 at the Bennett Education Center at Northside Forsyth Hospital (1400 Northside Forsyth Dr.). These meetings are free, but please register here if you plan to attend!

We are thankful for those that support Forsyth County 4-H!

United Way of Forsyth County

Forsyth County Board of Education

Forsyth County Government

What it Was...

When Georgia 4-H Clubs first started in 1904, just about everyone lived on farms. The first clubs were known as Corn Clubs for boys and Tomato Clubs for girls. Boys would work to grow an acre of the biggest ears of corn. The girls would grow, harvest and can tomatoes from their family’s vegetable garden. They would then take their best products to the fair and compete to win ribbons.  Growing corn and canning tomatoes was not a game to these young people, their learning benefitted the entire family.

These pioneer 4-H’ers learned from adults who worked with the corn and tomato clubs. The clubs became known as 4-H Clubs. The adults were County Extension Agents.

What it Is...

4-H is an educational program teaching leadership, citizenship, public speaking and practical life skills. The goal is to make learning fun! It is the youth phase of The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension. More than 1,700 young people participate in Forsyth County 4-H activities.

The 4-H Program is introduced and utilized as part of the curriculum in the Forsyth County School System. There are also 4-H activities outside of school. 4-H is open to all children ages 9-19. 4-H may have begun as Corn and Tomato Clubs, however, today 4-H has evolved to teach community involvement, science, ecology, technology, recycling, photography, performing arts, nutrition, violence prevention, teamwork and many other topics relative to Forsyth County youth.

There is no charge to be a 4-H member. Some optional activities may have a small fee.

Opportunities for Forsyth County 4-H’ers

What Every 4-H’er Should Know

The 4-H Pledge:
I pledge
My Head to Clearer Thinking
My Heart to Greater Loyalty
My Hands to Larger Service, and
My Health to Better Living
For My Club, My Community,
My Country and My World.

The 4-H Motto: To Make the Best Better
The 4-H Colors: Green and White
The 4-H Slogan: Learn By Doing

The 4-H Four Esential Elements:

4-H is learning by doing . . . and one of the best ways to learn is by doing a demonstration.  A demonstration shows how, while telling how.  4-H’ers actually make or do something (step by step) and have a finished product to show and tell about by talking and using visuals such as charts, drawings, or models.

By doing a demonstration, a child will learn to gather information about a subject, organize ideas, present information visually and feel more at ease in front of a group. County Project Achievement and District Project Achievement provide 4-H’ers the opportunity to do demonstrations on what they have learned.  Judges evaluate and score the presentations.  The top three scores earners in each category win ribbons in addition to recognition for all participants.

BB Match

Contact Us

For more information about Forsyth County 4-H Youth Development Programs, contact Emily H. Addis ( You may also call (770) 887-2418.

Visit the Georgia 4-H website at

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