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Jones County:
4-H Youth Development

What is 4-H?

4-H is an educational organization for youth that promotes citizenship, communication skills, service learning through community projects, and much more. 4-H begins in the 5th grade and continues through high school or until your 19th birthday is reached.


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Upcoming Events

Date Event Time Cost Location
09/14 Haley's Crafty Crew 3:45-5:00 $2 Extension Office
09/15 Cooking With Adahy 3:45-5:15 $2 Extension Office
09/17 Senior Meeting 6:00-8:00   Extension Office


To see what's going to be happening for the entire school year, download our annual calendar.

Recent Events

Clover Connection Newsletter

  • September 2015

In-School Club Meetings

Club Meetings are a core part of the 4-H program throughout the state of Georgia. Programming for 4-H Club meetings is designed to corellate with age-appropriate state educational standards. We meet in the schools with 5th through 8th grade students. Senior (9th-12th grade) 4-H members and homeschool 4-H members meet on a monthly basis at the Jones County Extension Office. Below, you will find links to more information about each of these clubs, including a meeting agenda, schedules, monthly newsletters and special announcements for each club level.

Additional Forms

Medical Release Form Required for any activity or event other than in-school club meetings
Code of Conduct Required for most activities and events other than in-school club meetings
4-H Youth Transportation Form If a young person is driving themselves to an event
Change in Membership Any 4-Her who does not reside in Jones County must complete a Change in Membership and have it approved by the State 4-H Office prior to participating in any competitive 4-H event.


For more information about the Jones County 4-H Youth Development Programs contact Brennan Jackson, County Extension Agent-4-H, at or Leigh Sloan, 4-H Program Assistant, at, or call (478) 986-3958.

Visit the Georgia 4-H website.

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