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Madison County:
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Broad River

Madison County has a diverse array of agricultural and natural resource concerns, from nutrient management on fields and pastures, to hay and pasture management, to water quality for wells and surface water.

Adam Speir, Madison County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources, handles questions and issues related to these issues as well as many homeowner issues related to gardens, plants, lawns, and wildlife. The county Extension agent for ANR also makes recommendations to growers and homeowners based on soil, water, and forage test results. Ask the ANR Agent.

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UGA Animal and Dairy Sciences Newsletter

2015 4th Quarter

UGA Forage Team Newletter

Forage Team Newsletter Volume 3-Issue 4 December 2015

Diagnostic Services

Here are some of the diagnostic services that are offered by UGA Cooperative Extension.

Please contact the Extension office at (706) 795-2281 prior to submitting water samples to insure proper sampling protocols are met.

  • Soil Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Forage Testing
  • Weed Identification*
  • Insect Identification*
  • Plant/Crop Diseases*
  • Turfgrass Diseases*
  • Tree Disorders*
  • Plant Identification*

(an * denotes services that are usually free of charge)

Here's a video with Walter Reeves describing the benefits and basics of soil testing.


Past Newspaper Article Topics (Published in Madison County Journal)

Lawn and Garden

Forages and Animals





Vegetable Garden Information

Click on the links below to UGA Extension publications related to vegetable gardnening. For more information, contact the Extension office.


Fruit & Nut Production Information


Home Lawn Care and Landscape

Home Lawns

Home Landscape


Forages and Animals


Wildlife and Aquaculture



  • Spring Forage Production Meeting (Dr. Dennis Hancock speaking on hay and pasture issues related to fertility, stand reestablishment, and grazing management)


Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program

The Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program is an outreach program operated through UGA Extension in several counties across the state. Master Gardener Extension volunteers sponsor programs such as plant clinics, garden workshops, and provide community service such as community gardens.

Madison County Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Forms and Information

Master Gardener Programs


Other UGA Websites and Programs


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