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Monroe County:
Heifer Evaluation and Reproduction Development (HERD) Program

2016 H.E.R.D. Sale Flyer

Monroe County H.E.R.D. Sale was held Saturday, May 2, 2015 at Sleepy Creek Farm near Forsyth, Georgia. Seventy-four bred heifers were sold at an average price of $2,602.

The 11th annual 2015 Monroe County Heifer Evaluation and Reproduction Development or H.E.R.D. program was held at Sleepy Creek Farm near Forsyth. Only heifers that the producers were willing to put into their own herds as replacements were selected. They measured all the traits important to reproductive improvement including pelvic area, reproductive tract scores, as well as traits important to farm safety like disposition. They were bred by A. I. to a high accuracy, calving ease bull, followed up with natural service to calving ease Angus bulls after A.I.

Approximately 85 bred heifers were offered for sale on Saturday, May 2, 2015 at Sleepy Creek Farm near Forsyth, Georgia. These cattle were from consignors including Benny Bostick, Charles Floyd, Shadydale Farm, Sleepy Creek Farm, Clete Sanders, and Russ Elliot.

Buyers had the opportunity to view the cattle the day before as well as the morning of the sale in paddocks set up at the farm. All heifers were guaranteed pregnant to calving ease Angus bulls.

Phil Ham, Monroe County Cattlemen's Association H.E.R.D. Sale Chairman, stated, "We have set a high standard for heifer quality and health management for heifers entering our H.E.R.D. breeding program."

The heifers were tested to be free of P.I.-BVD, receive all pertinent vaccinations, and are guaranteed pregnant.

The program is sponsored by the Monroe County Cattlemen's Association and the Monroe County Extension Service.

For more information and to request a catalogue, please call us at (478) 994-7014 or email at with H.E.R.D. in the subject line.

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