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Fortson 4-H Center

Summer Camp

Georgia 4-H summer camps provide an outdoor summer program unparalleled in the nation. Up to 1,000 campers will join us this summer at Fortson, one of five separate 4-H camps in Georgia, for a week of experiences that will be remembered for years to come.

We look forward to a week full of adventure, friendship and fun. Enthusiastic and well-trained camp counselors, Cooperative Extension employees and certified volunteers work together to provide campers with unforgettable memories to last a lifetime!

This is a brief overview of the two summer camps offered at the Fortson 4-H Center. More information will be posted when the application process opens. Check back often for the updates!

summer campsummercampstaff

4-H Summer Camp

Farm 2 PlateEvery summer Fortson 4-H center hosts 4-H Summer Camp. Cloverleaf or Junior campers join us for an exciting week of camp. If you are interested in attending Georgia 4-H Summer Camp, please contact your County Extension office.

Community Camp

Camp Fortson began hosting summer camp for the children in 1963. Today we call this program Community Camp, and any young person can apply to participate in this exciting week of camp, no matter where they live or whether or not they are in 4-H. Keep watching this site for updates; applications will be available right here this year!!!!

2015 Summer Camp Counselor Staff

Counselor Picture County Crew Favorite Candy
Samantha Price   Colquitt Crew Chief  
Erin Burnett        
Candicee Childs        
Travis Dopson        
Kira Pollack        
Elizabeth Robinson        
CJ Rodrigues        


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