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Graduate Requirements

23 hours of coursework is required to complete the International Agriculture certificate program.

Specific requirements include:

Foreign Language (8 hours)

Complete or exempt language courses and/or participate in a language intensive study abroad. Language studies from a previous degree are accepted.

Internationally oriented courses (9 hours)

Choose from a wide selection of courses with a global focus.

ALDR/AFST/LACS 6710: International Agriculture Development (3 hours)

Study issues affecting international cooperation, agricultural development and sustainability, technology transfer and extension education.

          Must be completed before the International Agriculture Internship

AESC 6910: International Agriculture Internship (3 hours)

Participate in a UGA-organized international internship or a semester exchange.

In order to qualify for credit, your internships or research must be completed in a country where English is not the primary language and incorporate a minimum stay of eight weeks.